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Living Art Eco Lab

A window with live plant specimens against the glass, with a person facing the window hanging a specimem.


The goals of the Living Art Eco Lab Working Group are to conceptualize and create the most relevant and innovative living art/eco physical lab and intellectual hub possible at the intersections of art, ecology, biology, and sustainability, among other fields. We envision a Living Art/Eco Lab as a creative place to engage with the beauty and intelligence of non-human life. Sensory exhibits, technological interfaces, collaborative workshops, and visiting scholars will bring attention to - and nurture respect for - the living things we rely upon. Together we will explore the interrelationships between art, science, nature, culture, and health. 

For questions regarding this group, please contact Amy Youngs. 


Living Art Eco Lab Working Group

Lori Espisito (Arts Administration, Education and Policy)
Dominique Gedankeflaksberg (Design)
Dionne Lee (Art and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies)
Laura Lisbon (Chair, Department of Art)
Susan Melsop (Design)
Jenifer Owens-Morrison (Art)
Tracy Szatan (Art)
Amy Youngs (Associate Professor, Art)