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The Humanities Institute offers a space for faculty-driven interdisciplinary arts and humanities practice and research to grow and flower. Home of five traditional interdisciplinary centers and a rotating selection of working groups, the Humanities Institute offers financial and logistics support intended to help faculty and graduate students from all the Arts and Humanities departments to design and develop collaborative projects. Our goal is to nurture your innovative ideas and help you to engage with the broadest possible public. The Arts and Humanities create and interrogate new ways of sensing, feeling, and thinking the world. There is no more critical time for our work than now.

The Humanities Institute tracks its roots to 1998, when Chris Zacher founded the Institute for Collaborative Research and Public Humanities, later renamed the Humanities Institute. This unit has been an active part of the Humanities at Ohio State since its founding. Built on the principles of collaborative research, interdisciplinarity, and innovation, the Institute naturally formed relationships with many other active centers within the humanities.


Our Staff

Barry Shank, Director

Nick Spitulski, Business Operations Manager

MacKenzie DiMarco, Events Associate

Megan Moriarty, Communications and Marketing Specialist

Nicole Stevens, Graduate Research Associate



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Humanities Collaboratory

The Collaboratory serves as an incubator for new collaborative modes of scholarship, teaching, and engagement. Among its activities, the Collaboratory curates programming designed to spark new conversations and visions for the future of the humanities, and it actively explores new models of career diversity for humanities PhDs. While maintaining roots in the long-standing disciplines and departments, the Collaboratory works to facilitate the formation of new constellations of humanities faculty and students—in working groups, initiatives, and centers—all designed to create new knowledge through collaboration with communities on and beyond campus.

Learn more at Humanities Collaboratory.