L.A.S.E.R. Fellows


L.A.S.E.R./Humanities Institute Graduate Fellows

The L.A.S.E.R./Humanities Institute Graduate Student in Residence Fellows program is a collaboration between the Humanities Institute and Ohio State’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s Latino and Latin American Space for Enrichment and Research (L.A.S.E.R.)

Fellows are selected on the basis of intellectual distinction, quality and precision of their dissertation proposal, and on the promise of further outstanding achievements in the areas of diversity, inclusion and scholarship on the Latin/o Americas.

Current fellows are Marie Lerma, Luis Macias, and Rocio Prado

Marie LermaMarie Lerma

Received her BA in history and women's studies from California State University, Fresno. She is currently a second year PhD student in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Her research interests involve writing and theorizing about Latinos in the Central Valley of California and Latino youth's reactions to the Californian drought.

Luis MaciasLuis Fernando Macías

Currently a PhD student in the Department of Teaching and Learning’s Multicultural and Equity Studies in Education area of study. He received his BA in Spanish and Translation from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) and MA in Cross Cultural and International Education from Bowling Green State University (BGSU). He was also a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kazakhstan and a Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) Accredited Representative for an immigration non-profit organization in El Paso, Texas. His research interests include issues of immigration such as immigrant youth's access to post secondary education as well as investigating and theorizing Latinidad in the contemporary midwestern United States.

Rocio PradoRocio Isabel Prado

First-generation Chicana from Anaheim, California. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from California State University, Fullerton.  Her research includes applying decolonial theory to Latino/a comic books, comedy, postcolonial theory, and feminist theory. When she’s not reading or writing she is usually involved in community organizing. Her organizing experience includes co-founding CSU Fullerton’s Queer People of Color club, a Dream Summer internship at the LGBT Center OC, and being an active member of DeColores Queer Orange County. On the rare occasion that she has free time she enjoys eating and reading comic books.